art Art ART in Valencia

BBB: big bank building Being a tourist has its perks and its drawbacks. I'm still trying to decide whether the curiously touristy phenomenon of feeling compelled to see everything once - falls into the former or the latter category. True, lots of places in Valencia I have graced with my presence only once (listen very… Continue reading art Art ART in Valencia

Back to hospital

Nice Marco at the insurance company told me I needed a certificato di guarigione, certificate of recovery, stating that I'm healed from my accident. Where do I get one of those? Your GP, he said. So I phoned my GP, the "also-a-homeopath"; everyone thinks is weird because he's also a homeopath and he has a… Continue reading Back to hospital

Italian men and … cooking?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on What can I say - you can never be sure when you're seeing an Italian. I'm sure some of them are jewels, but the ones I meet are pretty useless, as you never tire of letting me know, dear brother! So here's the latest. I hadn't seen L. for… Continue reading Italian men and … cooking?

Broken oven – but spaghetti alle vongole :-)

Photo by Kindel Media on Yes, but the real problem is that the fridge gave up a few days later. Temperatures this August in the hut were awful - 42° on our thermostat! - and the fridge suffered as a result. It started making worrying noises at night, contributing to my advanced insomnia. Then… Continue reading Broken oven – but spaghetti alle vongole 🙂